Tailor made training

Over the years Daalmans has developed a lot of different tailor made trainings for different customers. Usually these training have in common that they consist out of a combination of theoretical input, transfer of knowledge to the own work , usually by working with cases, competence and personal development.

foto trainingenThere is a gradual shift in the direction of knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice. The role of Daalmans is both in designing programs based on customer demands, and in producing and enrolling the programs, usually in cooperation with other subcontractors.





Examples of recent projects:

  • Principles of Development, for senior researchers in a technical environment
  • Technical Innovation Management, for senior managers in a technical environment
  • Change Management, for managers in several branches
  • Inductiontraining for higher educated employees in the chemical industry.
    This training is a part of the induction of all young bachelors, masters and PhD´s within their first year in the job. More info