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Changing your Mindset will Change your Results

Learning to understand how concepts about the world effect behavior and how concepts of yourself and others can be changed, in order to create better results

Theoretical background: Working in an knowledge intensive environment involves playing with mindsets. A mindset is a mental construct, an essential building block in human information processing. It helps you to understand the world and complex problems in particular. It also plays a central role in gaining acceptance of others for your insights. Mindsets are not only beneficial, they can also cause trouble in cases in which you can't solve a problem you think is solvable. Mindsets of other's play a crucial role in recognizing the value of your new ideas.


Einstein once said: "You can´t solve a problem within the frame of reference that is used to define it." Stated in a positive way: if the frame of reference can be changed, you can perceive the same facts in a different way and different solutions become available.
CMCR is fully focused on understanding the principles of mental information processing that play a fundamental role in innovation processes.

  • Understanding the basic principles of information processing in the brain, especially related to perception and giving meaning to reality.
  • Understanding how our way of perceiving the world is both creating and reducing possibilities in solving problems and in working together in a professional environment.
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of working in multidisciplinary projects and learning how to deal with this.
  • Learning how to challenge own and others mindsets in order to create new perspectives. The difference between advising and coaching.
  • Learning how to establish a common ground, a mutual understanding of the problem, the possible solutions and ways in which can be worked together with stakeholders.
For whom: Employees in knowledge intensive organizations, both specialists and those who have to manage multidisciplinary projects with specialists
Areas: R&D, Innovation, Technical Marketing, ICT and HR
Length: 3 days from 9.30 am to 17.30 pm
Time: February 2011, Wednesday 2 to Friday 4
Trainer: Drs. Juni Daalmans, psychologist
Fee: € 1.500, excluding VAT and boarding
Venue: Kappelerput te Heeze, Netherlands
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