Way of working

The quality of a team is depending on the way the team in embedded in the organisation. Are the goals clear, are the responsibilities defined well, are the working processes integrated in a correct way within the organisation? If this is the case, the focus can be on the team itself.

The role of the team leader is crucial. The first activities in a team development process will be focused on this role. Is there a healthy power relation between the leader and the team and can the leader support the team by creating safety and boundaries? If these things are present, the focus will be on the mutual relations between the members. Is there role flexibility, does one feel respected and free within the team?

foto outdoor activiteitSessions on team development will involve a lot of verbal reflection, both on concrete behaviour as on deeper levels of meaning. Sometimes the focus will be on provoking behaviour by doing activities in and outside. Daalmans has an alignment with a company specialised in outdoor activities..