Way of working

Coaching means researching a certain topic, mapping the area in which a problem is situated. It is reflecting on the way that one gives meaning to the world. What are dominant elements of the mindset, which influence the perception and actions? What makes a topic interesting for you?

Coaching is not so much focussed on problem solving, but more on problem construction. What is the background due to which a topic becomes a problem, what can we learn from this, what other perspectives might be possible? If you understand your thinking, you understand how to solve the problem. A third party can give you an advice, but an advice is only good for the person who created that advice. A good solution needs to be integrated in your way of thinking, so it can also be generated by yourself. Daalmans sees it as an art to help the client to reflect in such a way, that new perspectives suddenly appear.

Coaching in small groups.

A special way of working is creating a learning community with a group of  participants who have more or less the same task or background. Working in a group means that you not only bring in personal topics, but that you also actively participate in cases brought in by others. We will encounter the "field" which appears as soon as we start to work with the case. This brings the topic live in the room, so we can not only elaborate on it, but also experience it. When we evaluate the session we will focus both on the individual topics and on the experience of the process. Surprising and full of unexpected learning opportunities.