Way of working

Organisational change could be organised as a project, applying regular project management techniques. Unfortunately, behaviour in organisations is liable to other rules and dynamics compared to the process of e.g. performance management. The usual project management methodology won´t work. It is hard to define new behaviour in terms of goals and to prescribe people how to think and behave. People can, however, be influenced and seduced to embrace new mental models. Language and communication play an essential role in this process.

Working with Daalmans in this area means that the top of the organization will be invited to define a desired mindset by analyzing several concrete behaviours of employees. The main result of this exercise will be translated by other groups into desired behaviour throughout the organisation. The next thing to be organised in this process is regular and constant feedback on the actual behaviour of all the employees, in order to become more aware of both the present and the desired behaviour. This can be done in special change sessions, as in regular meetings. Parallel to these activities, a corporate communication strategy can be enrolled to reinforce the stipulated behaviour by means of priming (unconscious influencing).

Daalmans can take the role of supervising the task force, being a chairman for special meetings and supplying the organization with psychological and communication expertise. Daalmans will use a blended approach, a combination of e.g. an employee survey at the beginning, large group interventions in between and coaching the task force and individuals in order to keep the change pace in the rest of the process.